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Ticketfinders is a trusted provider of Royal Opera House tickets. You can search for tickets to upcoming events. Prices vary by event and availability may be limited. Choose the event you want tickets for and enjoy our 100% guarantee upon the successful completion of your order.  

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Dates & times are correct at time of publishing but are subject to change, please check local sources for latest updates

Royal Opera House Tickets

The Royal Opera House is known for its remarkable events for performing arts at Covent Garden, central London. Come see upcoming performances by the Royal Opera, Royal Ballet, and the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House. Reserve your Royal Opera House tickets in advance to skip the line and avoid sell-outs. Every order with Ticket Finders uses a safe and secure booking system with a 100% guarantee. 


Covent Garden, Central London


Bow Street London, WC2 United Kingdom


Covent Garden

Grand Opening


Seating Capacity


Architectural Style

Neo-Classical with Doric-style Façade




About Royal Opera House

This world-famous theatre, home of the Royal Ballet, the Royal Opera, and the ROH Orchestra, attracts hundreds of thousands each year. Located next to the Covent Garden, the Royal Opera House is dedicated to the modern and traditional expression of fine art.

Royal Opera House History 

Construction for the Royal Opera House completed in 1734 and was originally called the Theatre Royal. It served primarily as a playhouse for ballets and dancers then transitioned into operas and oratorios. 

In 1808 and 1856, one of its three buildings caught fire. The foyer, façade, and auditorium remain the same since 1858 while all other elements of the theatre have been redesigned in the 1990s. 

The First Theatre 

The first theatre at the Royal Opera House opened in 1732 performing popular operas by Handel. In 1767, the ROH was the venue for the first public performance of a piano, playing Handel’s Judith by Charles Dibdin. 

In 1808, the first theatre suffered a disastrous fire that resulted in the deaths of 23 people. Reconstruction began immediately and the second theatre was opened just eight months later. 

The Second Theatre 

The second theatre opened with a grand performance of Macbeth. Unfortunately, the second Royal Opera House was protested against for their high ticket prices. Riots took place outside the theatre for the first two months by an outrageous crowd. When prices dropped, audiences flocked the theatre to enjoy performances by famous actors like Sarah Siddons and Joseph Grimaldi. 

In 1856, the theatre was struck by fire again. The entire building was destroyed, resulting in another reconstruction which started in 1857 and completed in 1858. 

The Third Theatre

The grand opening of the third theatre played Les Huguenots, a French opera that dramatized the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre. Numerous plays, operas, and classical performances were offered throughout the summer and winter seasons. 

During the World Wars, the Royal Opera House was repurposed as a furniture repository in WWI and a dance hall in WWII. After the second world war, the Covent Garden Opera started performing at the ROH in 1846. 

Royal Opera House Seating

The Royal Opera House has approximately 2,260 seats spread over 5 levels. Seating can be selected for the Orchestra Stalls, Stalls Circle, the Donald Gordon Grand Tier, Balcony, and Amphitheater. The best views to see the stage can be found in the center of the Orchestra Stalls as well as the Grand Tier. It's recommended to purchase tickets in advance to secure affordable seats before prices go up. 

Royal Opera House Restrictions

The Royal Opera House requests that you do not bring any bags to a performance. If a bag is necessary, they ask that you use a small handbag (no larger than a# or a briefcase). All bags will be checked before you are admitted into the ROH. 

Fine Arts Since 1732

The Royal Opera House has reinvented itself again and again, surviving both bombings, fires, and wars, they prove to be resilient and adaptable. The stages at this ambitious opera house have attracted the best dancers, singers, and performers since 1732. From classic events, such as Romeo and Juliet, to sold-out tickets for Verdi’s La Forza del Destino, the Royal Opera House offers endless magic and wonder. 

Check out upcoming events and book your Royal Opera House Tickets, today!